Who We Are

We offer
unique designs
for home &
office use.

Who we are

An architect & a fashion designer couple.


Simple & Chic Designs

We love simplicity and basic structure. As an architect, we are reflecting it in our designs and combining it with an aesthetic perspective of a fashion designer.


Why Named As Gorgons?

We live in the Aegean region, which is the same place where ancient Greek mythology takes place. We had the chance to observe ancient Greek architecture and the story behind it. The tale of the Gorgons has been one of the stories we were fascinated by, which is about the misfortune of beautiful Medusa and her sisters, Stheno & Euryale.


Search For The Better

We have always been fascinated by the accessories that beautify our environment , but we never found exactly what we were looking for. So we decided to do it ourselves.


Elevate Your Style

Our collection features high quality and expert designs to suit your lifestyle and add value to your environment. We make unique designs to give your home a classy look and a contemporary feel. In respect to nature, all Gorgons products are handmade from high quality vegan-leather and zero-waste.