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Our goal is to provide you the best shopping experience.

Custom-made order refers to pieces that are handcrafted in our own atelier with artisan skills according to the customer’s specifications. It allows you to decide on the color, dimensions, type of material used, and design, among other things. We guarantee the highest quality service. We made the process of making your one of a kind order simple and efficient, so that you can effortlessly create your ideal product. We offer a wide selection of colors, starting from the classics and including the trendiest colors, which we update according to the season.

To make a custom-made order, you will need to follow the options below:
1. Choose your design from our website. We have a stunningly curated collection, and all of them are fully customizable.
2. Choose your dimensions.
3. Please send us your color request, so we can provide the options available for certain designs.
4. Your desired monogram. By using our monogram service, you can add your initials to Gorgons products, write your name, your brand name or give a special personalized gift to your friends and family.

To start your custom order, please contact us via the form below.